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How to Set Privileges to a MySQL User Account in cPanel

This article will show you How to set the Privileges to a MySQL user account in cPanel. When you need to add a user to your MySQL Database and setting privileges for that user, so the user will only able to perform that particular set of actions in the database. This is used for the security purpose, so create and setting privileges to a MySQL user account by following these steps,

Step 1 – Login into cPanel.

Step 2 – Click MySQL Database Wizard under Database section.

Step 3 – Type a name for your database and click the Next Step function.

Step 4 – Follow these steps

Type a User Name.
Type the Password twice.
Click the Create User Button to move onto the next step.
Database creation

Step 5 – Successfully Created a MySQL user.

Step 6 – Now select the privileges for that user account or select all by clicking on All Privileges.

Step 7 – Click Next Step for process completion.

You are successfully added the user to the database.

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