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Vodien Singapore and Compared

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Selecting an appropriate web hosting service is essential for website owners in Singapore, with Vodien and standing out as major options. They both provide a variety of hosting packages, including shared to dedicated server options, suitable for everyone from solo bloggers to large corporations.

However, the similarities in their services can make the decision between Vodien and challenging. This detailed comparison is designed to highlight their advantages, disadvantages, and distinct features, helping you choose the best fit for your particular requirements.

Updated 18th February 2024

Pricing Compared: Vodien Singapore vs.

Oryon.netVodien Singapore
Parent CompanyNone (Privately Owned Singapore)Newfold Digital Inc.
Google Map Overall Rating5.04.3
Trustpilot Overall Rating4.84.5
Data Center Tier Only 43 / 4
Cheapest Cpanel Hosting Plan$144 ( 1 Yr ) $171.24 ( 1 Yr )
.SG Domain Registration$35 / 1st Yr$56.06 / 1st Yr
.COM Domain Registration$15 / 1st Yr$20.9 / 1st Yr

Oryon is Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) Cyber Essentials certified

Brands under Newfold Digital Inc. includes bluehost,, HostGator, CrazyDomains, Yoast

Google Reviews – Sort by Lowest ( Vodien Singapore vs.

Vodien Reviews On Google

Image Credits: Google Map – Vodien

Vodien Singapore Google Reviews

Oryon Google Reviews

Why focus on the reviews sorted by “Lowest” rating, you ask? This approach offers a unique perspective on how each company handles adversity. No provider is perfect, but how they respond to dissatisfaction speaks volumes about their commitment to customer service. Are there recurring themes in the complaints? Do the providers actively engage with their critics to address and resolve issues? These are the types of questions that lower-rated reviews can help answer, providing a more rounded understanding of what you might expect as a customer.

Trustpilot Reviews

vodien reviews trustpilot

Image Credit: Trustpilot – Comparing Vodien vs Oryon Networks

Vodien Reviews

The collection of Google reviews about Vodien Singapore paints a mixed picture, as numerous customers have voiced their concerns and dissatisfaction. The following insights aim to provide a balanced perspective by identifying recurring complaints while also considering the overall context of Vodien Singapore’s service delivery.

Customer Support and Technical Issues
A consistent point of dissatisfaction among the reviews is with Vodien Singapore’s customer support. Many customers have faced challenges in receiving timely and effective help for their issues. There are notable grievances regarding the customer support team’s expertise, with several instances requiring escalation to more technical teams. This has resulted in delays and unresolved issues, indicating a potential shortfall in Vodien Singapore’s front-line support’s capability to efficiently manage complex queries.

Service Delivery and Reliability
Disappointment has also been expressed regarding Vodien Singapore’s inability to fulfill promised service delivery timelines, including domain registration and website setup. Furthermore, reports of considerable downtime and technical problems have emerged, significantly impacting businesses that depend on a stable online presence and operations. These issues suggest potential operational inefficiencies or system limitations at Vodien Singapore that could be affecting service reliability.

Billing and Refund Issues
Billing practices and refund policies at Vodien Singapore have been another major area of concern. Customers recount experiences of being billed for undelivered services or encountering difficulties in securing refunds. When paired with the perceived lack of adequate customer service response, these practices have led to feelings of mistrust and dissatisfaction towards Vodien Singapore.

Changes in Service Quality
Some reviews indicate a perceived decline in service quality over time, with customers who were once satisfied with Vodien Singapore observing a downturn in support and service reliability. This decline could stem from various factors, including potential scaling issues, shifts in management or operational focus, or changes in customer service strategy.

Communication and Transparency
Issues with communication have been highlighted, with customers receiving generic responses to specific inquiries and facing challenges in complaint escalation. Effective communication is essential in service industries, and the absence of personalized interaction or clear resolution paths can further frustrate customers of Vodien Singapore.

Although the reviews are predominantly negative, it’s crucial to remember that customers are more inclined to share negative experiences. Nevertheless, the consistency and detail of the complaints indicate that Vodien Singapore needs to address several critical areas to enhance their service quality and customer satisfaction. This includes improving the technical competence of their support team, ensuring the reliability of their service delivery, refining billing and refund processes, and improving communication and transparency.

For potential customers, conducting comprehensive research and considering a broad spectrum of reviews and feedback is advisable before making a decision. For Vodien Singapore, proactively engaging with dissatisfied customers to comprehend and address their issues could mark a significant step towards regaining trust and enhancing their service offerings.

Background Information: Oryon & Vodien Singapore

Oryon and Vodien Singapore stand out as significant entities in the web hosting market, each with its unique background, milestones, and core values that cater to a diverse range of hosting needs.

Oryon Networks

Established in 1998, Oryon has grown to become a premier web hosting provider based in Singapore, catering to a diverse clientele including multinational enterprises, government organizations, and small-to-medium-sized businesses. Oryon has earned a stellar reputation as a dependable and trustworthy partner for businesses across various industries.

What sets Oryon apart from its competitors is the exceptional customer service support, with our live chat help featuring a 59-second response time guarantee. This level of responsiveness demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service to its customers.

Market Positioning and Core Values: Oryon positions itself as a dependable and trustworthy partner in the web hosting space, emphasizing reliability, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. Its strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Azure, Huawei, and Alibaba Cloud enable Oryon to offer an extensive range of cloud services, further enhancing its market position as a versatile and comprehensive web hosting provider.

Vodien Singapore

Vodien Singapore started in 2002 by Alvin Poh and John Jervis Lee. Here’s a brief overview of its early history:

Initial Phase (2002-2005):

  • In its inception year, 2002, the entity was established under the name Vodien Studios, venturing into an array of services that encompassed web design, development, and consulting.
  • The inception was timely, tapping into the burgeoning need for web development services propelled by the internet’s rapid expansion.
  • By 2005, a strategic pivot was deemed necessary for further growth.

Transition and Narrowing Focus (2005-2007):

  • The period between 2005 and 2007 marked a pivotal era of transition for Vodien, characterized by streamlining its service offerings.
  • In a decisive move in August 2005, it rebranded to Vodien Internet Solutions, a name change that mirrored its refined focus on web hosting services.
  • This shift was a strategic response to the escalating demand for dependable web hosting solutions, driven by the global trend of businesses and individuals establishing a presence online.

Vodien Under Dreamscape Ownership (2017):

The year 2017 was pivotal for Vodien. The company was acquired by Dreamscape Networks Limited, an Australian firm known for its comprehensive online solutions. This transition heralded a period of significant transformation and growth for Vodien.

  • In June 2017, Dreamscape Networks Limited entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Vodien for a sum of SGD 31.16 million (approximately AUD 29.67 million).
  • By August 2017, the acquisition process had been completed, integrating Vodien into the Dreamscape family of businesses.

All of its founders have since left the company to create a new hosting company.

After its acquisition by Dreamscape Networks, Vodien Internet Solutions became part of Newfold Digital, a United States company formed through the merger of Group and Endurance Web Presence.

Key Questions to Consider Asking Vodien Singapore

Does Vodien Singapore have ISO27001 or any Cybersecurity certification in Singapore?

Does Vodien Singapore have its dedicated support team for Singapore customers, or does the backend IT team support all the brands like BlueHost, HostGator ?

Does Vodien Singapore offer any Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for its hosting services?

Can you provide details on the compliance measures Vodien Singapore takes to adhere to GDPR and PDPA regulations?

How does Vodien Singapore ensure data privacy and security for its clients?

Are there any data redundancy and backup solutions offered by Vodien Singapore to safeguard client data?

Can you elaborate on the training and qualifications of the Vodien Singapore support team members?


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