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Lowest Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Business Pricing Singapore

Lowest Price Match Promise. See plans with no Teams. Featured on Cyber Security Agency of Singapore ( CSA ) website.

All prices include GST. Case Studies: Broadway, CCIC Singapore  Contact us for a custom quote if you have 50 or more users

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Professional email

SG$ 68 / user / 1st yr

Pay SG$73 annually to renew for each user. All prices include GST.

50 GB Exchange mailbox

Microsoft 365 Business Basic (+Teams)

Good for email & storage

SG$ 98 / user / 1st yr

Pay SG$108 annually to renew for each user. All prices include GST.

50 GB Exchange mailbox
Microsoft Office (Web Only)
1 TB OneDrive per user
Chat, call, meet up to 300 attendees
Most Popular

Microsoft 365 Business Standard (+Teams)

Includes desktop Office

SG$ 208 / user / yr

Pay SG$228 annually to renew for each user. All prices include GST.

Everything in Microsoft 365 Business Basic, plus:
Desktop versions of Microsoft 365 apps with premium features
Easily host webinars
Attendee registration and reporting tools
Manage customer appointments

Microsoft 365 Business Premium (+Teams)

Device and mail protection

SG$ 368 / user / 1st yr

Pay SG$398 annually to renew for each user. All prices include GST.

Everything in Microsoft 365 Business Standard, plus:
Advanced security
Access and data control
Cyberthreat protection

Microsoft 365 Pricing Table ( All prices include GST )

1st Year / User
Annual Price / User
Exchange Online P1 ( 50 GB mailbox )
Exchange Online P2 ( 100 GB mailbox )
Microsoft 365 Business Basic ( No Teams)
Microsoft 365 Business Basic (+Teams)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard ( No Teams)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard (+Teams)
Microsoft 365 Business Premium ( No Teams)
Microsoft 365 Business Premium (+Teams)
Office 365 E3 ( No Teams)
Apps for business ( 1 TB OneDrive | Microsoft Office for 5 PC / Mac)

Note: Install Microsoft Office on up to 5 computers, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones per user for Microsoft 365 Business, Business Standard, and Business Premium only.

View the Business Plans Comparison and Enterprise Plans Comparison. If you need any plan that is not listed above, kindly contact us for a custom quotation.


  • Email archiving – $360 per domain name yearly
  • OneDrive for business (Plan 1) – $88 per license yearly
  • OneDrive for business (Plan 2) – $168 per license yearly ( Minimum 5 users | 5TB ~ 25TB Storage)
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials (AAD Identity) – $68 per user yearly
  • OryonSentinel Email Security – $29 / $39 per user yearly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that gives you access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Additionally, it comes with additional security measures, Microsoft Teams, and 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

You can interact more effectively, be more productive, and maintain your security with the aid of Microsoft 365. You can: With Microsoft 365:

  • Anywhere, on any device, you may work on your documents.
  • You can collaborate in real time by sharing your documents with others.
  • From any device with an internet connection, access your papers.
  • For storage, make a backup copy of your papers in the cloud.
  • Utilize cutting-edge security technologies to safeguard your documents.

Here are a few of Microsoft 365’s primary advantages:

  • You always have the most recent versions of the Office programs, so you know you’re working with the most potent and effective tools available.
  • Collaboration: Working together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is simple.
  • You get access to 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, allowing you to keep your documents in the cloud safely and securely.
  • Security: To help safeguard your papers from unauthorized access, Microsoft 365 incorporates cutting-edge security capabilities.

Yes, our engineers will help you get up and running smoothly with Microsoft 365 for email and files. If you would like to migrate your existing email and/or documents and files from another service you are using, you can also opt to use our migration services. We will help to migrate the first 10 email accounts free of charge. Additional email accounts are subjected to a S$10 admin fee per account.

When switching to Microsoft 365 from another program or service, you and your users can bring your existing mail, contacts, and calendar data with you. You have a variety of options for migrating data into Microsoft 365, depending on the size of your organization and the system you’re migrating from. Tools are available for migration from Microsoft Exchange, IMAP servers and others.

Oryon provide remote desktop support for your mail clients like Outlook, Mac Mail and ThunderBird via TeamViewer

Freedom from the hassle and time associated with managing email and productivity applications
Guidance for every aspect of your setup, from email migrations to custom configurations
Assistance with onboarding, troubleshooting and Microsoft support escalations

If you are not satisfied with Microsoft or your current provider for Microsoft 365. We will be happy to take over the account for you.

Microsoft 365 can be purchased straight from Microsoft or through a Microsoft reseller in one of two ways.
No matter whatever method you choose to use for payment, the applications are all the same. However, if you decide to buy Microsoft 365 from the reseller, you will not only get technical support from Microsoft but also get to take advantage of all the advantages that the reseller offers.

Oryon offers faster support than Microsoft itself, while also offering lower prices.

Microsoft 365 is highly scalable and can support everything from a one-person business to companies with tens of thousands of users:

  • Microsoft 365 Business plans are best for companies with one to 300 users.
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans as well as Exchange Online / Exchange Online Plus fit organizations ranging in size from a single employee to 50,000-plus users.

If your business finds itself identifying with some of these problems, then you might be interested in considering the Microsoft 365 solution for your business.

The common business problems:

  • Cost and resource-draining IT problems, such as unreliable servers, setup and maintenance costs of operating your own operating systems.
  • Email inboxes with small storage size limit
  • Frequent virus attacks, Spam and phishing emails
  • Compliance to internal and external policies
  • Inefficient sharing and collaboration

How Microsoft 365 solves these business problems:

  • Reduce your total capital and operating expenses. No hidden maintenance or upgrade fees. Microsoft will host your data, we manage the account for you and provide support.
  • Rely on our certified Microsoft 365 support team 24x7x365 to make sure your business functions smoothly.
  • With 1 TB of storage per user on Business Basic and other plans, your employees can focus on their work instead of worrying over small email quota.
  • Real-time document editing and sharing reduce the need of sending email attachments.
  • Have a peace of mind that your data is safe on Microsoft 365. Microsoft data is hosted on reliable and redundant data centers. There is no chance of losing data anytime.
  • Control over what comes in and what goes out of your company with Microsoft 365 tools. Be alert of emails being sent out with confidential data.
  • Access anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection – whether on your mobile device, laptop, or computer (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Users can continue to access and use their mailbox normally. However, we strongly recommend that passwords not be reset during the migration.

Microsoft does not advise sending mass emails using Microsoft 365. This is so that email providers won’t be able to provide bulk emails, which are frequently considered spam. It is recommended to utilize a specialized bulk email provider when sending emails in mass.

There are some restrictions on how many and how frequently you can send emails.

A message may be sent to up to 500 recipients at a time, and a daily cap of 10,000 messages is imposed. If you go over these restrictions, your account can be suspended or your email messages might be blocked.

Microsoft has rules for sending bulk emails as well. Among these recommendations are the following:

  • use a sender email address that is legitimate
  • Including a clear and concise subject line
  • sending emails to recipients that are pertinent to them
  • avoiding spammy or misleading language

You may contact Oryon to increase your email user limit at any time. The system will automatically update your account and generate an invoice for the difference. However, there will be no refund for reducing the number of users.

No, the cost of a domain is separate from Microsoft 365. During signup, you will specify the domain you want for your business email. If you don’t yet own the domain, you can purchase it from Oryon for an additional fee.

A user is defined as one personalized email address (name@yourcompany). A user can have multiple email addresses by creating email aliases. Group email aliases (such as support@yourcompany) don’t count as users. 

Microsoft 365 takes a layered approach to security to protect your information and prevent unauthorized access to your data. This includes:

  • Strong authentication: Microsoft 365 uses strong authentication to verify your identity before you can access your data. This includes things like two-factor authentication and passwordless authentication.
  • Data encryption: Microsoft 365 encrypts your data at rest and in transit. This means that your data is protected even if it is intercepted by unauthorized individuals.
  • Threat protection: Microsoft 365 uses a variety of threat protection technologies to protect your data from malware, phishing, and other attacks. These technologies include things like Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • Compliance: Microsoft 365 is compliant with a wide range of industry regulations, so you can be confident that your data is secure.

In addition to these security measures, Microsoft 365 also offers a variety of features that help you to protect your information. These features include:

  • Data loss prevention: Data loss prevention (DLP) helps you to prevent sensitive data from being leaked.
  • Information protection labels: Information protection labels help you to classify your data and apply different levels of security to different types of data.
  • Auditing: Microsoft 365 provides auditing capabilities that help you to track who has accessed your data and when.
    By using these security measures and features, Microsoft 365 helps to keep your information secure and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Here are some additional tips for keeping your Microsoft 365 data secure:

  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
  • Be careful about what links you click on and what attachments you open.
  • Keep your software up to date.
  • Be aware of the latest phishing scams.
  • Use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Microsoft 365 stores your data in a variety of locations around the world. The specific location of your data depends on a number of factors, including your location, your subscription plan, and the services you use.

You can view the data location of your Microsoft 365 tenant in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Click on “Org Settings”.
  • Click on the “Data Location” tab.
  • The Data Location tab will show you the data location for all of the services in your Microsoft 365 tenant. You can also see the data location for individual users or groups.

If you are concerned about the location of your data, you can choose to store your data in a specific region. To do this, you will need to contact Microsoft support.

Here are some of the factors that affect the location of your Microsoft 365 data:

  • Your location: Microsoft 365 tries to store your data in the region that is closest to your physical location. This is done to improve performance and reduce latency.
  • Your subscription plan: Some subscription plans allow you to choose the region where your data is stored. This is useful if you have regulatory or compliance requirements.
  • The services you use: Not all Microsoft 365 services are available in all regions. This means that the location of your data may depend on the services you use.

If you are not sure where your Microsoft 365 data is stored, you can contact Microsoft support. They will be able to tell you the specific location of your data.

Whether Microsoft 365 meets your compliance requirements depends on the specific regulations you need to comply with. However, Microsoft 365 is designed to be compliant with a wide range of industry regulations, including:

  • HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects the privacy and security of patient health information. Microsoft 365 is HIPAA-compliant, and Microsoft offers a number of features that help organizations to comply with HIPAA, such as data encryption and auditing.
  • GDPR: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union regulation that protects the privacy of individuals’ personal data. Microsoft 365 is GDPR-compliant, and Microsoft offers a number of features that help organizations to comply with GDPR, such as data subject requests and data portability.
  • PCI DSS: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards that organizations must follow to protect credit card data. Microsoft 365 is PCI DSS-compliant, and Microsoft offers a number of features that help organizations to comply with PCI DSS, such as data encryption and access controls.

In addition to these regulations, Microsoft 365 also offers a number of features that can help organizations to comply with other industry regulations, such as:

  • Data loss prevention (DLP): DLP helps organizations to prevent sensitive data from being leaked.
    Information protection labels: Information protection labels help organizations to classify their data and apply different levels of security to different types of data.
  • Auditing: Microsoft 365 provides auditing capabilities that help organizations to track who has accessed their data and when.

Our Support Team who is available 24x7x365 will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on the live chat.

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