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Comparing Vodien, CLDY and GoCloudEasy

CLDY / GoCloudEasy / Vodien Promotion

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When selecting a web hosting service in Singapore, the stability of a company’s management has become increasingly important. This shift in focus is due to the recent surge in mergers and acquisitions within Singapore’s web hosting sector. For instance, following the acquisition of Vodien in 2017, its Google Reviews rating fell from 5.0 to approximately 4.3 ( February 20, 2024). Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize companies that maintain consistent leadership.

Vodien / GoCloudEasy / CLDY Company Information

FoundersAlvin Poh,
John Jervis Lee
Alvin Poh, John Jervis LeeAlvin Poh,
John Jervis Lee
Parent CompanyNewfold Digital Inc.
( USA )
None (Privately Owned Singapore)None (Privately Owned Singapore)
Google Map Overall Rating4.35.0NA
Company Incorporation 200920212020
* UEN200911829E202107287N202022399N
GST Registration12 Feb 2012Not registered01 Mar 2024
Paid-Up Capital
ServicesDomains, Web Hosting, Servers, Online Marketing, Website Builder, Website DesignDomains, Web Hosting, ServersDomains, Web Hosting, Servers
Notable MilestoneAcquired by Dreamscape for an estimated $30 millionNot AvailableNot Available

* The first 4 digits in the Singapore UEN or ACRA registration number represent the year of incorporation for a Pte Ltd company.

Vodien / GoCloudEasy / CLDY Reviews

Vodien reviews

Vodien Reviews

Image Credit: Vodien on Google Maps

vodien reviews2

Image Credit: ProductReview AU

CLDY reviews

CLDY | CDLY Reviews

GoCloudEasy reviews

Ad Hoc Services Fee: Vodien & CLDY

Vodien & CLDY offers some extra services that you can choose to add to your usual plan. These services cost extra fees, but you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

You can check the prices directly using Google search for the following keywords

  1. adhoc fees Vodien
  2. adhoc fees CLDY

Background Information: Vodien & CLDY

Vodien Singapore, offering similar business services as CLDY, was originally founded in 2002 by Alvin Poh and John Jervis Lee, who are currently at the helm of CLDY. This section delves into the history of Vodien Singapore, highlighting its evolution and the strategic moves that have positioned it as a leader in the web hosting industry, and how CLDY is founded.

Initial Phase (2002-2005):

The journey began in 2002 when the company was established as Vodien Studios, with a broad focus that included web design, development, and consulting services. This was a period marked by the internet’s rapid expansion, making the timing of Vodien’s inception perfect for tapping into the growing demand for web development services. The founders’ foresight and ambition laid the groundwork for what would become a significant player in the web services industry, paving the way for the future establishment of CLDY.

Transition and Narrowing Focus (2005-2007):

Between 2005 and 2007, Vodien underwent a crucial transformation, a period during which the company honed its focus significantly. In August 2005, in a move reflective of its evolved direction, the company rebranded to Vodien Internet Solutions. This change underscored its commitment to specializing in web hosting services, responding to the surging need for reliable hosting solutions. This strategic pivot not only solidified Vodien’s position in the market but also set the stage for the founders’ next venture after Vodien exit, CLDY.

Vodien Under Dreamscape Ownership (2017):

The acquisition of Vodien by Dreamscape Networks Limited in 2017 marked a new chapter for the company. This acquisition, valued at SGD 31.16 million (approximately AUD 29.67 million), was completed in August 2017, signaling the start of a period of transformation and growth under Dreamscape’s umbrella. The transition into Dreamscape’s portfolio of businesses was a significant milestone in Vodien’s history.

Following their successful stint at Vodien, the founders embarked on a new journey with CLDY, leveraging their vast experience and insights into the web hosting industry. Their departure to establish CLDY was a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and vision for delivering innovative hosting solutions.

In summary, the evolution of Vodien Singapore from its early days as Vodien Studios to its integration into Dreamscape Networks Limited, and the subsequent establishment of CLDY by its founders, is a narrative of innovation, strategic foresight, and entrepreneurial zeal. The legacy of Vodien, enriched by its founders’ commitment to excellence, continues to influence the web hosting industry, with CLDY emerging as a beacon of innovation in the domain.

Top Questions To Ask When Choosing A Singapore Web Hosting

  • Will the company’s leadership remain stable, or are the company owners aiming for a quick exit by rapidly building up and then selling the company when the price is right?
  • Do the company’s Google reviews display two polarizing types of feedback: either 1 star (very bad) or 5 stars (very good)?
  • Does the company’s support team work exclusively for this company, or do they support multiple companies simultaneously?
  • Does the company have a data security framework, such as ISO 27001, CSA Cyber Essentials, or Cyber Trust?

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