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What are The Basic Security Tools Available in cPanel

Security is one of the major concerns of a website administrator, because your website will go through severe problems if you are not setting proper security measures in your cPanel. There are several features available in cPanel to ensure the security of your website.

Password Protect Directories:

If you want to restrict or limit some users from the directories with the password protection feature. you can implement the password protection feature here. It relies on a technology that present in web server to password protected directories.

Password Protect Directories IP Deny Manager:

This tool is used to block when a user or hosts who doesn’t have access to your website. You can enter an IP address or range of IP addresses, domain name to secure the website from them to getting access. Be cautious on this usage as some users have dynamic IP addresses and they can change owners at any time.

IP Deny Manager

HotLink Protection:

It prevents the unauthorized websites from directly linking the files and pictures to your website, especially media files.

HotLink Protection

Leech Protect:

You might allow multiple users to access for password-protected areas in your site. If the users provide their login credentials to others, this is called leeching. It’s major issue for paid sites. Leech Protect will restrict multiple logins and will only allow limited number of logins within a specified time, and suspend compromised accounts.

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