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How to uninstall programs using Softaculous

Step 1: Log into your cPanel
Step 2: Click the Softaculous icon softac-icon in the Software/Services section
Step 3: Click the Application Installs button in the top menu
Step 4: Next to the program you want to uninstall, click X-mark remove icon

Note: Remove everything unless you intend to keep data from the installation. Leave all boxes checked for Remove directory, Remove database, and Remove database user.

Step 5: Click the Remove Installation button to uninstall this program. You will then receive a pop up stating:

These actions are irreversible!
Are you sure you want to remove this installation?

Step 6: Click OK to complete the removal of the software. When the uninstallation was successful, you will see the following message:
Step 7: Now the installation was removed successfully

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