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How to Know Your Bandwidth Usage in cPanel

This article will guide you to know your Bandwidth usage in cPanel.This function allows you to see the bandwidth usage for your site. It shows the current month’s bandwidth usage, as well as your total bandwidth usage in cPanel. Traffic or number of visitors plays a big role in Bandwidth usage. At any circumstances your website bandwidth will not cross the limit if it crosses the limit then your website will be down, you have two options there one is to switch your hosting plan to VPS or Dedicated, this is a wise choice and it will be more comfortable to contain more traffic. The second option is to cut down your website page size and also decrease your daily visit. Follow the steps to know your Bandwidth Usage in cPanel,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Step 2 – Click Bandwidth under Metrics section.

Now you are monitoring the Bandwidth usage of the website.

This graph will represents the Bandwidth usage. Bandwidth may given us unlimited by all hosting providers only if you are using it normally. In other case you are proceeding with excessive usage that means unusual usage patterns then your website will be suspended unless you find a way to solve the Bandwidth problem. It happens due to the size of the page and traffic, In any case you must optimize your Bandwidth usage in cPanel.

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