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Steps to create cPanel account in WHM

Step 1. You have to login to your Webhost Manager (WHM).

Step 2. The menu on the left under the ‘Account Functions’, click on ‘Create a New Account’

Step 3. Then fill in the details to create the new account.

Enter the primary domain name on the cPanel account
Enter the Username and Password for the cPanel account.
Enter the email address that will be associated with the cPanel account.

WHM permits you to create a package, which makes it simple to manage cPanel accounts.

Select which theme of cPanel you want to assign to the user and select the suitable language for the user.

DNS Settings:

You can decide how to configure the nameservers of the domain on the server. If the nameservers for the domain name are on another server, select the option Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar

Step 4. Once you have filled all the details according to the requirements, click the “Create” button shown above. A new cPanel account has been created.

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