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Steps to access webdisk on ipod Touch

Step 1: Tap the App Store button on your home screen.
Step 2: Type “WebDAV Navigator” into the search box.
Step 3: Tap the INSTALL button to select WebDAV Navigator Lite.
Step 4: Tap the Free button to install WebDav Navigator Lite.
Step 5: If necessary, provide your iTunes password to complete the installation.

Connection Instructions:
Step 1: Tap the cPanel Web Disk icon. It will appear as the cPWebDisk icon.
Step 2: Tap the + button to add a new site.
Step 3: Enter the following information:

Site Name: Whatever you would like to call the site on your device.
Server URL: “https://domainnmae:2078” (SSL).
SSL: Slide the SSL slider to the ON position.
Site Username: username.
Password: This is the password for your Web Disk account.
Step 4: Tap the Save button in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. You will be taken to the main cPanel Web Disk screen.
Step 5:Tap the newly created entry in the list. You will be taken to a new screen with a list of files.
Step 6:The Web Disk folder will appear.

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