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Managing your DNS Zone in cPanel

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel account. You can see your DNS Zone in Domains > Advanced Zone Editor.
Step 2: You can click on Edit to edit the value of your DNS Zone, or delete some records.
Step 3: To add a record, you just need to do so at the top of the page in the Add a Record section.

Type: A, for an IP, CNAME for a domain/subdomain name

Name: The value you wish to enter in “Subdomain” should be something like “remote” (no quotation marks) if you wanted remote.yourdomain.com to point to the location you will be specifying.

Address: is the IP, or canonical name you need the subdomain to point to, per example for an A record; exchange.localservername.co for a cname entry.

TTL: in seconds, it is refresh rate within the DNS Zone for which this IP will be looked at. 14400 is the default and you should not change it unless you were specified otherwise.

Step 4: Press Add Record and you are done!

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