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How to install wordpress in softaculous

1.Login to your cPanel

2.Scroll down to the Software/Services section, and click the Softaculous icon

3.Click the WordPress link on the left-hand sidebar in Softaculous

4.This page will give you some information about WordPress, including ratings and reviews from other users. Click the Install link above the header to start the installation.

5.Choose the domain you wish to use for WordPress in Choose domain field. Then select what directory to install WordPress on using In Directory field.

6. By default, it will install to yourdomain.com/wp , but if you wish yourdomain.com to go directly to WordPress, then leave this field blank.

7.Click the Install link above the header to start the installation.

step 1: Now fill the details

Software Setup:
1) Choose Protocol : Select http:// or http://www.
2) Choose Domain : Select the main domain or subdomain name to install wordpress
3) In Directory : To install at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To install only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.
4) Database Name : Type the database name created in the cPanel

Database Settings:
5) Table Prefix: wp_ Leave as such

Site Settings:
6) Site Name: Enter the site name
7) Site Description: Give some description about the site.

Admin Account”
8) Admin Username: admin or any username you like
9) Admin Password : Password for the admin login page.
10) Admin Email : Enter the email id.
Note:If you forgot the password for admin login page a reset password email will reach the above email id.

Choose Language:
11) Select Language: Set the default language option for the wordpress.

12) Now click on instal

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