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How to Manage Keep-Alive settings in WHM

Keep-Alive maintains the connection between client and the server. It is used to prevent the connection from intermittent breaking. For this please follow the below steps.

Step1: Login to your WHM interface.
Step 2: Select the option ‘Service configuration’.
Step 3: Click on the icon ‘Apache configuration’.
Step 4: Click on ‘Global Configuration’ and search for ‘Keep-Alive’ settings.
Step 5: Select the ‘on or off’ button to change the settings.
Step 6: Click Save.

Keep-Alive: This is used to enable long-lived HTTP sessions. It is used to allow multiple requests over the same TCP connection.

Keep-Alive-Timeout: It defines the number of seconds that Apache waits for a subsequent request before Apache closes a connection.

Max Keep-Alive Requests: This is used to limits the number of requests that a TCP connection can make when you enable the KeepAlive directive.

Timeout: Defines the amount of time (in seconds) that Apache waits for certain events before Apache fails a request.

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