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How to make cPanel more appealing

A majority of the websites today use cPanel as their control panel for managing the websites. Although cPanel is quite user-friendly, at the same time, it also looks a little boring. However, you change the look and feel of cPanel to suit your liking.

If you are looking to change the style and appearance of your cPanel account then you can easily do so and you need not ask your web hosting provider for it. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: You need to log in to your cPanel account to be able to do anything.

Step 2: Once you are logged in go to the ‘Preferences’ section and click on the ‘Change Style‘ icon.

Step 3: You will see various themes and designs from which you can choose the one you like.

Step 4: Click on any theme you like and it will show you a preview of it and if you like it then click on ‘Apply’ and if not then Click ‘Close’. If you like the theme and you click apply then the chosen theme will be applied to cPanel.

And still, if you feel you could try a couple of other styles and see how it goes then you can do that as well.

Step 5: When you have selected and applied the style you would see the ‘Go Back’ button. Simply press ‘Go back’ and choose another style that you may want and again click on the ‘Apply’ button and the new style would be applied.

Still not satisfied with the look? Repeat Step no.5 till you get it right. Now you have cPanel the way you like it and it totally reflects your style.

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