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How to Delete a DNS Record from Advanced Zone Editor in cPanel

This article will guide you to Delete a Record from Advanced Zone Editor in cPanel. In Advanced Zone Editor, you can add, modify and delete records. You can delete a DNS record in Advanced Zone Editor, this action may lead to big problems if you delete an important file, so before deleting a DNS record you check properly. You can delete any DNS records types such as CNAME, TXT and A record. DNS is called as internet address book, it helps you to get the traffic to your website. You should be aware of DNS records and set up process before you doing anything in Advanced Zone Editor. DNS record usually connects the domain name and IP address. Follow the steps below to delete a DNS record from Advanced Zone Editor,

Step 1 – Login to your cPanel.

Step 2 – Click Advanced Zone Editor under Domain section.

Step 3 – Select a DNS record to Delete and Click Delete.

Step 4 – Click the Delete button.

Now you are successfully deleted a DNS Record.

This article says about deleting a DNS record by using Advanced Zone Editor. Before you deleting a DNS file, please check and make sure that you are deleting the right file. If you delete an important DNS record then it will result in Downtime of your website.

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