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How to create AD Users and Groups

Step 1: Navigate to Group Policy OU | Groups – Security

Step 2: Right-click Groups – Security

Step 3: Select New | Group

Step 4: Fill in the information. For this one, I am calling this group IT TechsAD-Group-Create-3

Step 5: Now that the group is created, let’s add a member to it.

Step 6: Right-click the IS Techs group and select Properties.

Step 7: In the Members tab, select Add.

Step 8: Type the username and select Check Names.

Step 9: When the system finds the account, you will see the full account details. Select OK.AD-Group-Create-7

Step 10: Select OK when finished adding users to the group.

Step 11: Right-click the Management group and select Properties.

Step 12: In the Members tab, click Add, type the names of the groups, and add them to the group.

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