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How to Configure BoxTrapper Settings?

Step1: Log into your cPanel.

Step2: Click the BoxTrapper link in the Email section

Step3: Click the Manage button next to the address you want to configure.

Step4: Click the Configure Settings link on the BoxTrappper configuration page.

Step5: In the “Email addresses for this account” section enter any addresses that forward to this address. Separate them with a comma.

Step6: Enter your name in the “Your Name” section

Step7: Next enter “The number of days that you wish to keep logs and messages in the queue.” The default setting is 15 days.

Step8: Set the “Minimum Apache SpamAssassin Spam Score required to bypass BoxTrapper.”

Step9: Check the box if you want to “Enable Automatic Whitelisting.”

Step10:Select if you want to “Automatically whitelist the To and From lines from whitelisted senders (whitelist by association).”

Step11: Click the Save button.

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