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How to Enable SSL Certificate in Prestashop

Once you purchase an SSL certificate, you need to enable it which will make your site secure and safe to use.

Step 1. After you have logged in to your Prestashop dashboard go the Menu bar at the top.
Step 2. Then take the cursor to the Preferences tab on the right and click on General.
Step 3. On the General page you can see the Enable SSL option but before enabling the SSL you should test it to see if it works fine.
Step 4. Click on the USE HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL.
Step 5. If the SSL certificate is working fine then you should see the ‘HTTPS’ and the green ‘Padlock’ in your browser.
Step 6. Then again go to the General Page and look for the Enable SSL option and then choose ‘YES’
Step 7. When you have selected the YES option you can click on SAVE to save your configuration and enable the SSL certificate on your Prestashop website.

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