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How to download Email Account Backups

Oryon will maintain daily automatic backup of your full cPanel account it contains all the data such as website files, DB’s and emails. By default Oryon maintain last 7 days backups automatically. JetBackup is a licensed software which is help you to manage the backup via cPanel itself. JetBackup’s self service functionality allows end users to restore an account within seconds.

Step 1: Login to your Oryon cPanel account.
Step 2: Go to Jet backup interface.
Step 3: Click on the email account backup option and choose the required date and email account backup and click the file manager in it.
Step 4: From the new window, you can choose the required email account backup and check that box then click the download option.
Step 5: The backup generate will take some time, the backup generate processing on and it will complete, you can download that backup.

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