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What to do if my website has been labelled by Google as harmful

Visitors may see this warning message while visiting your site:

“This site may harm your computer.”

This suggest that your website is hacked or contains either malware or phishing content. Therefore the website been labelled by Google as harmful to all visitors.

Scan the account for malware. The immediate task is to scan the entire account for the malware or malicious code. Find the affected files and delete it / fix it.

How to fix the infected files?

If you have a copy of the original files please replace it directly. Alternatively, please contact Oryon for a copy of the unaffected files from within the last 14 days of backup.

Important Note: Please keep your website application up to date, especially for WordPress. The application should be running on the latest version available which will resolve most of the current vulnerabilites.

If you still experience difficulties cleaning the files, kindly contact Oryon to troubleshoot further.

When you are sure that the clean up has been completed, please check your website using the Google Diagnostics page. Just visit the Safe Browsing Site Status page and place your domain name in the Search bar. It should show “Current status: No unsafe content found”

After all the clean up has been completed, please request review using Google Webmasters Tools. Create one for free if you does not have it.

Before requesting a review, confirm that you have taken the following steps:

  • Verified ownership of your site in Search Console
  • Cleaned your site of the hacker’s vandalism
  • be sure that the problem is truly fixed; requesting a review if the problem still exists will only prolong the period of time that your site is flagged as dangerous.
  • Brought your clean site back online

Note: Your pages must be available to be crawled by Googlebot to ensure that they are clean. Make sure that they are not roboted out or blocked from indexing by noindex robots META tags or directives.

Wait for the review to be processed

  • Hacked with spam review process time: Reviews for sites hacked with spam may require up to several weeks to process. This is because spam reviews can involve manual investigation or a complete reprocessing of the hacked pages. If the review is approved, Security Issues will no longer display hacked category types or example hacked URLs.
  • Malware review processing time: Reviews for sites infected with malware require a few days to process. Once the review is completed, the response will be available within your Messages in Search Console.
  • Phishing review processing time: Phishing reviews take about a day to process. If successful, the user-visible phishing warning will be removed and your page may again surface in search results.

If Google finds that your site is clean, warnings from browsers and search results should be removed within 72 hours.

If Google determines that you have not fixed the problem, the Security Issues report in Search Console could display more sample infected URLs to assist your next investigation for example. Malware, phishing or hacked with spam site warnings will remain in search results and/or browsers as a caution to protect users.

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