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How to transfer the domain from GoDaddy to Oryon

This demo assumes you have a domain name registered through godaddy.com, and starts from their home page

Step 1: Enter your GoDaddy.com account Login Name and Password
Step 2: Then click the Go button. You are now logged in to your GoDaddy.com account
Step 3: Click the Domain Manager link here
Step 4: Then click on the domain name you wish to manage
Step 5: Click the Manage link next to “Locked”
Step 6: Uncheck the box next to Lock Domains
Step 7: Click OK when finished
Step 8: Next, click the Send by Email option next to Authorization Code.

That’s it! The lock has been removed from the domain name and you should have revived a copy of the authorization code. Kindly send the copy of authorization code to sg@oryon.net to initiate the domain transfer.

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