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How to optimize the drupal website

Kindly follow the below listed suggestion to optmize your drupal websie in order to make it load faster.

Step 1: Enable caching: Follow the below steps to enable caching via drupal admin dashboard.

1.) Log in as administrator and go to Site Configuration > Performance

2.) Under Caching mode: select Normal (recommended for production sites, no side effects).

3.) Under Block cache settings, select Enabled (recommended).

Once you are done, click ‘Save configuration’ to save the changes.

Step 2: Optimize your Drupal databases. Kindly refer the below KB URL to accomplish it via cPanel >> Databases >> phpMyadmin.


Step 3: Enable page compression and Optimization via admin dashboard.

1.) Log in to your Drupal admin area and go to Site Configuration > Performance.

2.) After enabling cache, you would also need to enable Page compression, Optimize CSS files and Optimize JavaScript files.

Step 4: Check your website using this online tool ‘https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/’. It will give you necessary information about the modifications that can be made in order to improve its performance.
Step 5: Disable/remove all modules/blocks you are not using.

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