How to install Joomla via SSH

Step 1: Login to your server and go to the respective user domain directory path to where you want to install joomla
Step 2: Download joomla from the internet using wget command

Command: wget

Step 3: Once the joomla zip file downloaded use the unzip command to extract it


Step 4: Now, we have to create the database for the user directory. We can do it either by the cPanel database option or command line.

From cPanel: Login to your cPanel ? Database section ? mysql databases ? Create database and user ? Assign user to the joomla database

From command line:

Drop in to MySQL to create the database:

MYSQL -u root -p

and enter the password for the root MySQL user.

2. Create the database:


3. Create the user:

CREATE USER user@localhost;

4. Create the password for “user”

SET PASSWORD FOR user@localhost= PASSWORD(“password”);

5. Assign permissions to user on joomla database:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON joomla.* TO user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

6. Refresh MySQL to reflect changes:


7. Exit MySQL:


Step 5: Once you created the databases, you would need to configure the database on the joomla database configuration file ‘configuration.php’ and enter the details.

Step 6: Now Proceed the installation and overview part on front end via browser.

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