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How to change the WordPress Admin URL?

Step 1: Login to the Wordpress admin dashboard.
Step 2: Go to “Plugins” menu and click ‘Add New’ option.
Step 3: Install and activate Lockdown WP Admin plugin.
Step 4: Go to Lockdown WP panel and enable Hide WP admin feature, enter the desired login URL.
Step 5: Choose the authentication method in the list.

i. If you use one of the HTTP Auth options the plugin will let you also create a secondary WordPress admin details. The secondary password and username would have to be entered.

ii. WordPress Login Credentials: selecting this option will prompt you to your normal WordPress admin username and password, prior to gaining access to the actual WordPress admin login page.

iii. Private Usernames/Passwords: if you use it, you can configure a new secondary login from the Lockdown WP > Private Users section.

Step 6: Click ‘Save changes’ and access the Wordpress admin page with new login URL.

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