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OKH Global’s Transition to OryonSentinel For Spam and Phishing Protection


OKH Global (SGX: S3N) is a Singapore-based integrated property developer with a laser focus on logistics and industrial properties. Established in 1998, they’ve built a reputation for creating visually stunning and functional projects across Asia. More than just buildings, OKH Global champions a strategic vision, interlinking investments with their development expertise to strengthen their presence in the region.

OKH faced a mounting challenge with its previous email service hosted with GoCloudEasy. The company experienced an increasing volume of spam and phishing attempts, which not only compromised security but also impacted employee productivity and focus. The existing spam filters were inadequate, and phishing attempts were becoming more sophisticated, often bypassing existing security measures.


GoCloudEasy, while initially effective, struggled to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. Spam volume increased, bypassing filters and flooding employee inboxes. Phishing scams, crafted with increasing finesse, slipped through traditional detection methods, posing a significant risk to sensitive data and financial assets. The IT team found themselves overwhelmed by manual spam cleanup and incident response, hampering their ability to focus on proactive security measures.

Charting a New Course with OryonSentinel

Driven by the desire for enhanced security and improved efficiency, OKH embarked on a strategic shift by implementing OryonSentinel email security. This revolutionary platform offered a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and human-powered analysis.

  • AI-powered multi-layered filtering: OryonSentinel’s machine learning algorithms meticulously identified and blocked spam while continuously adapting to new threats.
  • Human-in-the-loop threat detection: A dedicated team of cybersecurity experts meticulously analyzed suspicious emails, ensuring no phishing attempts fell through the cracks.
  • Proactive threat intelligence: OryonSentinel leveraged continuous threat updates and real-time monitoring to stay ahead of emerging phishing tactics and malware campaigns.
  • Granular reporting and analytics: Comprehensive reports and insights empowered OKH to track trends, optimize security settings, and identify potential vulnerabilities.

The OryonSentinel Advantage

The impact of OryonSentinel was immediate and profound:

  • Spam reduction exceeding 99%: Inboxes were purged of unwanted emails, boosting employee productivity and reducing IT workload.
  • Zero successful phishing attacks: The human-in-the-loop approach effectively neutralized even the most sophisticated phishing attempts, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Improved security posture: Continuous threat analysis and proactive intelligence updates kept OKH ahead of the ever-evolving cybercrime landscape.
  • Enhanced IT efficiency: Automated spam and phishing detection freed up IT resources for strategic security initiatives.


By transitioning from GoCloudEasy to OryonSentinel, OKH charted a course toward a secure and streamlined email environment. The human-powered approach, coupled with advanced technology, proved to be a winning formula, effectively shielding the company from spam and phishing threats. This case study serves as a testament to the value of investing in robust email security solutions that combine proactive protection with human expertise, empowering businesses to navigate the treacherous waters of cyber threats with confidence.


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