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What Is The ScamShield App: Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from Scams Today


Singapore’s ScamShield, available on iOS, Android, and WhatsApp, is a government initiative to shield citizens from scams via calls, SMS, and Whatsapp messages.

iOS App ( by Government Technology Agency )


Android App ( by Open Government Products )


ScamShield Whatsapp Bot


In today’s digital age, where news headlines often highlight the increasing number of scams, it’s essential to have tools that can help protect us. Singapore, known for its technological advancements and proactive approach to public safety, has introduced ScamShield, an app designed to combat the rising tide of scams.

The Scourge of Scams in Singapore

The pandemic has seen a surge in various scams, from job scams to bank scams and even police impersonation scams. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has reported a significant rise in job scams, with victims losing S$6.5 million in just the first half of a recent year. Bank scams have also been rampant, with 470 OCBC bank customers losing a staggering S$8.5 million. Phishing scams, where scammers deceive victims into revealing sensitive information, have also been on the rise.

Enter ScamShield

To counteract this menace, the Singapore government launched ScamShield in November 2020. This app is a collaborative effort between Open Government Products in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).

ScamShield works by blocking calls from its database of flagged numbers, managed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF). The app is exclusive to Singapore, meaning users outside the country need to change their Apple ID’s region to download it.

How Does ScamShield Work?

  1. WhatsApp’s ScamShield Bot: This handy bot, available on WhatsApp, assists users in spotting potential scams. By integrating the ScamShield Bot into their chats, users can swiftly identify and steer clear of deceptive schemes. This feature empowers users to verify and report dubious activities directly on WhatsApp.
  2. The ScamShield Mobile Application: This app is more than just a call blocker. While it efficiently blocks calls from identified scammers, it also scans incoming text messages from unknown numbers, using its built-in algorithm to flag potential scam content.
  3. Report and Stay Informed: Encountered a suspicious scheme? ScamShield provides a straightforward platform for users to report these scams. For those keen on staying updated about the latest scam trends, ScamAlert.sg is the go-to resource.

One of the standout features of ScamShield is its commitment to user privacy. The app doesn’t identify users individually or access other phone data. This ensures that even if the app is compromised, user data remains safe.

Setting Up ScamShield

Setting up ScamShield is straightforward. After downloading it from the mobile app store, users need to activate the app by following some basic steps. Once set up, users can immediately benefit from its protective features.

The Evolving Nature of Scams

While tools like ScamShield are invaluable, it’s essential to remember that scammers are always evolving their tactics. Recently, a new type of scam emerged where scammers impersonate SPF officers and make unsolicited calls via apps like WhatsApp. They then use the gathered information to create e-wallets in the victim’s name.

Another alarming scam involves the scanning of Singpass QR codes, which scammers use to gain unauthorized access to digital services.

Staying Vigilant

While ScamShield offers a robust line of defense against scam calls and SMSes, it’s crucial for consumers to remain vigilant. As scams continue to evolve, it’s essential to verify any suspicious information by contacting the relevant authorities. Never disclose personal or Internet banking details, including NRIC issue dates, one-time passwords, or Singpass ID and password details.

In addition to ScamShield, Singapore has also taken other measures to combat scams. For instance, the recent passage of the Online Criminal Harms Act 2023 empowers the government to compel online platforms to take down scam-related content and implement prevention mechanisms.

In conclusion, while the digital age brings with it the challenge of scams, tools like ScamShield, combined with public awareness and vigilance, can help ensure a safer online environment for all.

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