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Microsoft 365 Designer: A powerful tool for creating stunning visuals

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Microsoft 365 Designer enables you to make eye-catching visuals for your papers, presentations, and emails. It makes suggestions for layouts and ideas using artificial intelligence (AI), and it also works to help you become a better designer.


You can create visuals with a professional appearance by using the options that Microsoft 365 Designer offers, which include:

Idea generation: Based on your feedback, the designer might come up with concepts for your images. If you’re making a presentation, for instance, you may key in a topic and Designer will come up with a list of possible slide topics.

Layout suggestions: Designers can make layout recommendations for your images. If you’re unsure how to organize your information, this can be useful.

Assistance with design: A designer can help you become a better designer. It might comment on your font and color combinations, for instance.

Access to high-quality photos: You can utilize high-quality images that Designer has access to in your graphics.

Integration with Microsoft 365

You may use Microsoft 365 Designer to make visuals for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook because it is connected with Microsoft 365 apps. This makes including your visuals in documents and presentations simple.

What to do first

You need a Microsoft 365 subscription in order to begin using Microsoft 365 Designer. After purchasing a subscription, you may access Designer and begin making visuals.


With the help of Microsoft 365 Designer, you can easily produce eye-catching visuals for your papers, presentations, and emails. You may use it to make visual representations of your existing content because it is simple to use and connects with Microsoft 365 apps.

I advise trying out Microsoft 365 Designer if you want to develop your design abilities or produce visuals that appear professional.

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