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From Vodien to CLDY: Insights of a Long-Time Partner

Recently, Oryon successfully migrated over 100 hosting accounts from Vodien, a move discussed with a long-term customer, referred to here as S.

Vodien Background Information

Vodien was acquired by Dreamscape Networks in 2017 for approximately $30 million. Subsequently, acquired Dreamscape Networks in 2019, and in 2021, merged with Endurance Web Presence to form Newfold Digital. This new entity includes brands such as Bluehost, HostGator,,, BigRock, iPage, and Vodien.

CLDY Background Information

CLDY was incorporated in 2021. As mentioned on CLDY website, the biggest shareholders are part of the original Vodien team – Mr. John Jervis Lee and Mr. Alvin Poh.

Side Note: More information on Vodien and CLDY can be found on

Vodien Customer Support

S expressed concerns about Vodien’s support structure, noting that the resolution process now involves multiple layers, resulting in significantly longer wait times. Previously, issues that took 30 minutes now require several hours due to the escalation through various levels of support staff. Additionally, the switch from 24-hour phone support to 4 am – 8 pm operating and live chat has been disappointing for S, as the responsiveness of the chat support has not met expectations.

Vodien Technical Problems

S mentioned recurring issues such as frequent downtime, slow server speeds, and email hosting problems. These issues are compounded by the fact that Vodien’s uptime guarantee is not consistently honored.

Vodien Billing Issues

There have been numerous reports of billing discrepancies, difficulties in canceling services, and challenges in obtaining refunds.

Vodien Complicated Migration Process

Many users, including S, have found the migration process to or from Vodien to be problematic. This process often involves data loss or extended downtime, which adds to the frustration of managing web hosting services.

Side Note. Please check reviews on Google Map “Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd” and sort by “Lowest rating” to check what other customers say to say.

Personal Thoughts

When Vodien was acquired by Dreamscape in 2017, I wondered if the owners considered the impact on existing customers. CrazyDomains, Dreamscape’s main brand before 2017, has numerous negative reviews on TrustPilot with titles like:

  • “I wish I had checked with Trustpilot before signing up with this company”
  • “Nightmare company to deal with”
  • “Absolute Rubbish”
  • “Many hidden fees”
  • “I wish there was a 0 star I could rate …”

Comparing these to Vodien’s negative reviews on Google Business today, can you find similarities?

When Mr. John Jervis Lee and Mr. Alvin Poh founded a new hosting company to compete with Vodien, did they consider the job security of their former employees?

“They exited with $30 million, but now we face a new competitor fighting for our business.”


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