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Signup with Airwallex and Unlock Exclusive Benefits for Your Company

Why Airwallex

Global reach: Because Airwallex is present in more than 19 countries, you may collect and send payments in a variety of currencies. This can lower your foreign exchange costs and help you manage your cash flow better.

Convenient payments: Airwallex makes it simple to transmit and receive money, which is convenient. You may either manually process payments using their web platform or utilize their API to incorporate their payments into your own systems.

Transparent fees: Clear and transparent pricing: Airwallex has fees that are easy to understand. The cost of each transaction may be plainly seen before you complete it.

Scalable solution: The Airwallex platform is built to grow alongside your company. Airwallex may expand along with you as you do.

Local payments: Airwallex allows you to make local payments in over 19 countries, which can help you improve your customer experience.

Invoicing: Airwallex enables you to produce and send invoices in a variety of currencies, which may speed up the payment process.

Sign up today for AirWallex at and enjoy the first $20,000 of free foreign exchange transfers (That’s $0 fees and 0% margin on your first SGD $20,000 in FX conversions (or equivalent)*.)

Benefits for Airwallex Customers

Domain Name Registration

.com domain name at SGD$9.90 for the first year /.sg domain name at SGD$29.90 for the first year

Microsoft 365

Up to 10% discount off all Microsoft 365 Business Plans for the first year.

Contact us at to discuss further.

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