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Microsoft 365 and Cpanel Email Hybrid

Combine Microsoft 365 with Cpanel Email and save.

Empower your advanced users with the comprehensive feature suite of Microsoft 365 while your lighter users can benefit from the cost-effective, business-grade Cpanel Email — all under a unified domain.

Key Features and Benefits

Merging Microsoft 365 with Cpanel Email allows your business to cater to the diverse needs of all your users, all the while adhering to your budgetary limits. For instance, a company with 50 users can achieve a 40% cost reduction by transitioning half of its users to Cpanel Email, as opposed to solely utilizing Microsoft 365.

For example, consider Company A, which has 50 users on Microsoft 365 Business Basic, incurring a yearly cost of $4900. If they transition 30 users to cPanel on the BizPro plan at a yearly cost of $576, they would then only need to spend $1960 yearly for 20 Business Basic licenses. This scenario results in a total cost savings of around 48%.

Administrator support

Users have the convenience of reaching out to Oryon email specialists 24/7, through chat, or ticket, for assistance with their Microsoft 365 and Cpanel Email accounts and mailboxes, all at no additional charge.

Business-class features

Regardless of whether you opt for Cpanel Email or Microsoft, you’re assured of top-notch anti-spam and antivirus protection, complimentary self-service and assisted migrations, mobile accessibility, Outlook compatibility, a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, and unlimited access to 24x7x365 expert support from Oryon.


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