Transform Your Business Overnight with Managed Google Ads Campaign

Why settle for average when you can outrank the competition and surpass your marketing goals? Our expert team is at the forefront of Google Ads campaigns, crafting and optimizing strategies that deliver nothing short of exceptional results.

Oryon is not just about clicks; we're about connecting you to your next customer. Our comprehensive approach encompasses PPC ads, paid ads, and a suite of pay-per-click agency services designed to maximize your investment. We believe in making your success our mission.

Managed Google Ads Campaign Pricing

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Managed Google Ads Campaign

Minimum commitment of 3 months

$ 899 /month

or 10% of your ad spend (whichever is higher).

2 Complimentary Banners per month
Strategic Media Planning and Procurement
Development of Content Strategy
Enhancement of Campaign Performance
A/B Testing for Campaign Efficacy
Configuration of Google Analytics
Comprehensive Monthly Reporting & Insightful Recommendations
Sales and Lead Generation Targeting

Elevate Your Online Presence with Our Managed Google Ads Campaign


In today’s digital marketplace, visibility is the currency of success. Understanding this, we have meticulously designed our Managed Google Ads Campaign to ensure your business doesn’t just participate in the digital race but leads it. Here’s how we make it happen:

Targeted Precision: Well-Researched Keywords with Purchase Intent

We dive deep into keyword research, ensuring we pinpoint the exact terms your potential customers use when they’re ready to buy. This isn’t just about traffic; it’s about attracting the right traffic with a high intent to purchase, ensuring your advertising spend brings you closer to the audience that converts.

Captivating Creatives: Attention-Sucking Headlines and Descriptions

Our team of copywriting experts crafts advertising headlines and descriptions that don’t just attract attention; they seize it. We understand the art and science of engaging potential customers, compelling them to click through with messages that resonate and evoke action.

Strategic Exclusions: Adding Negative Keywords to Streamline Campaigns

Efficiency in advertising means eliminating waste, and that’s where our strategic use of negative keywords comes into play. By identifying and excluding irrelevant search terms, we significantly reduce your Cost Per Click (CPC) for unrelated keywords, ensuring your budget is spent on prospects that matter.

Data-Driven Decisions: Split Testing for Optimized Results

Our commitment to your success is reflected in our rigorous split testing strategy. We continuously test different headlines and descriptions to decipher what works best for your target audience. This relentless pursuit of optimization ensures your campaign’s performance improves steadily over time.

Landing Page Optimization: Reducing CPC with Keyword Harmony

We go beyond the ads themselves, enhancing the effectiveness of your entire funnel. By optimizing your landing page’s keywords, we achieve a higher relevance score from Google, which not only improves your ad’s performance but also further reduces your Cost Per Click.

Irresistible Offers: Crafting Conversions

At the heart of our strategy lies the power of a compelling offer. We specialize in crafting offers that are not just attractive but irresistible to your target audience. This isn’t about discounts; it’s about creating value that resonates, ensuring a high conversion rate that justifies every penny spent on advertising.

Why Choose Us?

Our Managed Google Ads Campaign is more than just a service; it’s a partnership. We’re invested in your success. With us, you get a team dedicated to maximizing your ROI, leveraging the latest tools, trends, and insights to keep you ahead of the curve. You focus on running your business, while we make sure the world sees it.

Take the Leap

Imagine where your business could be with the right people behind your digital marketing efforts. Don’t let your competition outshine you. Take control of your online presence and turn clicks into customers with our Managed Google Ads Campaign. Contact us today, and let’s start this journey to success together.