Email Archiving is Important to protect Your company information

In today business environment, the safety of email data is important to minimize risk to your company. Loss of critical information, company audits and lawsuits are common but email archiving gives you additional protection from it.

Email Service


All prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD) Nett. 


$ 240 /year

Usual Price: $480 Yearly
Limited to 2000 emails per hour per domain
All emails incoming and/or outgoing from 1 domain name
Unlimited Storage With AES-256 Cypher-Strength Encryption
Tamper-Proof Email Data
Export emails to a PST file

Key Information 

  • For companies that require more than 2000 emails per hour per domain name, please contact us for a custom quotation
  • The email archiving service can only store new incoming and
  • outgoing emails from the date of activation
  • Email migration of older data is not possible
  • Email archiving service is open currently to Oryon email users on Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace only


Oryon Email Archiving is a cloud-based solution that archives all email messages and attachments in a separate system. This allows companies to have a complete record of all email communications, which can be easily accessed, searched, and discovered. The archive is protected by granular admin rights, so only authorized users can access it.

Why Archiving

Email is a vital tool for storing and sharing an organization’s intellectual property. This makes it essential to have a robust email preservation plan. By keeping records of conversations and historical data, you can facilitate employee changes, safeguard your assets, and have a reliable source of who communicated what and when — regardless of how mailboxes are deleted or created within your domain..

Data Security

Oryon Email Archiving solution is hosted in data centers audited under ISO 27001, SSAE-16 standards. 

SSL encryption for security helps protect your email data while in transit. We then store your archived email in top-tier, physically and logically secure data centers. And we encrypt it for storage using AES-256


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, this email archiving service is only reserved for email accounts using Oryon’s Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email users.

We recommend user to export the email data as PST. Within the system, user can create a search matter based on the following:

  • Subject: Full or simply keywords in the email subject.
  • Sender: Full mail address or domains to find messages from a specific sender.
  • Recipients: Full mail address or domains. All recipient types (To, CC, BCC) are searched.
  • Separate different addresses with a space. Wildcards ‘*’ and ‘?’ are allowed.
  • Body: Find messages with specific keywords or text in the attachments.
  • Date Range: Filter results by start and end dates.

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