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How to manage databases with phpMyAdmin

Step 1 : Go to phpMyAdmin menu which is located in cPanel > Databases section
Step 2 : Go to the Databases tab and click on the database you would like to manage
Step 3 : Enter the name of your table in the field Name
Step 4 :  Enter the number of columns in the field Number of Columns
Step 5 : Click on Go to proceed to the next screen
Step 6 : Define the column(s) by providing the following information:
   6.1 Name
   6.2. Select the Type of data for the column. Some common types include:
    INT = Integer (a number without a decimal point)
    CHAR = Characters (text up to a specific length)
    VARCHAR = Variable Length Characters (does not have a fixed width)
    TEXT = for holding large amounts of text
    DATE = only for dates
    DATETIME = only for a date and time format.
   6.3. Define the Length/Values if required. For example, for the CHAR type you will need to specify the maximum number of characters allowed.
   6.4. The other fields are optional.
Step 7 : Click on Save once you are finished.

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