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FairPrice Finest New Experiential Store at Clarke Quay

In a bold move that redefines the grocery shopping experience, FairPrice Finest has unveiled its first experiential store in the heart of Clarke Quay, Singapore. Launched on February 21, this new outlet is not just a place to shop for groceries but a destination for food lovers and those looking to add a dash of luxury to their daily lives.

A Nod to History with Modern Flair

Situated in a district known for its vibrant history as a trading hub, the new FairPrice Finest store pays homage to Clarke Quay’s heritage. The design draws inspiration from the area’s storied past, featuring a warehouse-inspired aesthetic that marries the charm of yesteryears with contemporary elegance. Upon stepping inside, customers are greeted with European food hall-inspired interiors, complete with red brick floors and an open kitchen, setting a sophisticated stage for the culinary journey ahead.

Elevating the Grocery Experience

Gone are the days when grocery shopping was a mundane task. FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay elevates this everyday chore into a social and gastronomic adventure. Shoppers can now enjoy a sit-down meal in the store’s Grocer Food Hall, making it an ideal spot for family outings, friend gatherings, or even an unconventional date. The hall offers a wide array of dining options, from local delicacies to international cuisines, including Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Italian dishes.

One of the store’s highlights is the Pick N Cook service, where customers can select from a variety of meats or seafood and have them cooked on-site by professional chefs. This service not only offers a personalized dining experience but also showcases the freshness and quality of the store’s produce.

A Culinary Haven for Food Enthusiasts

The Grocer Food Hall stands as a testament to FairPrice Finest’s commitment to providing a diverse and high-quality dining experience. Highlights from the menu include the Mezzi Logo Chicken Platter, a delightful combination of spiced chicken, Lebanese rice, mixed salad, and hummus, and the LPB Market & Bistro’s Smoked Burrata, which offers a smoky twist on the classic cheese dish.

For those with a penchant for local flavors, the Assam Pedas from Straits Flavour is a must-try, offering a tangy and spicy kick that is sure to please. Italian food lovers will delight in Atavola Pasta and Pane’s unique Milo Tiramisu, a local twist on the classic dessert. The Grocer Food Hall also caters to seafood enthusiasts with ShinShima’s Ika with Singapore Heritage Chilli Crab Sauce, a dish that perfectly marries grilled squid with the iconic local sauce.

Not Just About Food: A Place to Chill

Adding to the allure of FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay is its in-house bar, where customers can unwind with heritage cocktails, craft beers, and a selection of mocktails for those who prefer non-alcoholic options. This makes the store not just a place for grocery shopping and dining but also a chic spot for relaxation and socializing.

Embracing the Future of Grocery Shopping

Located at 3 River Valley Road, FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay is open from 8 am to 11 pm on Sundays to Thursdays, and until 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays, offering flexibility for both early birds and night owls. With its unique blend of grocery shopping, dining, and leisure, FairPrice Finest’s latest store is set to become a landmark destination, transforming the way we think about and enjoy our food shopping experiences.


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